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Autumn 2020
Okay folks, the world seems a bit weird, but somethings, like love and generosity should be what we all strive for and to support each other as human beings and God's children.  The big divide that we are seeing, I honestly don't think it has to be this way. We have more in common than we are being led to believe, whatever your political beliefs, religious or economic standing we are all human.  All this "noise" is keeping us from focusing on those around us, those that we can truly help. So many of us are so busy, barking like dogs in the wind, we drift off into a world where people are just plain mean to each other and we can forget the simple pleasures in life and forget to help those around us. 
Here at Hope Farm, we have not been able to "open" up like we wanted to this year, but the Lord still sends us  people. I am so excited for the future and what it holds for us here at the farm and how we might be able to be of service to others.  God bless all of you.  
Spring/Summer 2020
Well what can we say. Lockdowns, civil unrest, the world seems to be in tatters. I thank the Lord everyday for this peaceful place away from all of the upheaval. Despite being out of the urban areas, we still have to practice social distancing and that unfortunately means Hope Farm is unable to open this summer, at least at this point in time. 
The New year also brought us some sad farewells here at Hope Farm. Two of our seniors we bade farewell to: The lovely Cece and the incomparable Boaz. When we take in these senior horses, we do know our time is very limited with them and we give them what good life we can before they move on. Godspeed Cece and Boaz.
Not sure where time goes, but it goes fast! Winter has arrived a bit early here in Minnesota, Water is already freezing and the horses are enjoying the cool temperatures..well okay, cold temperatures.  Winter however is harder on the senior horses we have here at Hope Farm and sometimes too hard and tough decisions have to be made involving the welfare of our oldsters. So we ask for prayers for the health and safety of our herd and wisdom to make solid, humane decisions for the old crew here.
August/September 2019
Oh boy oh boy!! To say we had a "soft" opening would be an understatement..but the lord is working on my patience and perseverance. 
Getting affordable insurance has been a road, but I think I have it nailed down. Something I can afford without putting me and the horses in the poor house, God is good. 
Some items to take care of still on the to do list, before the dreaded cold temps come.
Finnick came home from the trainers where he was an exemplary student.
June 2019
Still looking for affordable insurance to open up here at Hope Farm..we're gonna get there!  We're just waiting at this point. 
Hope Farm has some fence painting to do..intersted in coming out and painting with us? feel free to send us a message via the website, phone or email:
May 2019
Well this is going by fast! Our desire is to open up in June, but we have to come up with an insurance rider first. This is expensive. Well, it's expensive when your feeding a herd of sanctuary horses..but with the Lords blessings, hard work, and goodwill donations, we are hoping to acheive this.
March/April 2019
Snow is melting and the pastures are swamped this year! The horses and ponies are relegated to small strips of dry land, surrounded by standing water. Hopefully this will be fixed when the ground thaws sooner rather than later, let us pray! Ugh!
Much time was spent this past winter trying to find a price point for people attending the programs we are starting here at Hope Farm. Ultimately, I just couldn't put a price on God's blessings. Therefore we just ask for whatever donation you can afford and let the Lord take care of the rest. Know that all donations go right back into Hope Farm's operating costs.  We are 501 (c)3 pending
Have a lot of spring projects that need to get started. Painting the fence, finishing the corral and working on converting the pole shed into a horse stables, things to do, things to do. If you feel moved to come out and help with work around the farm, work with the horses, please contact us for volunteer opportunities here at Hope Farm 507-456-0275 or email at or FB message me at Hope Farm on Facebook. 
Jan/Feb 2019

We are super excited about the New Year! 
We are building our Hope Farm volunteer team. 
Fun and rewarding. being able to give back to the community, to help children and animals.
You can be part of Hope Farm's foundation. 
If you would love to spend some time out with horses, dogs, chickens on a small farm, we would love to start building our volunteer base. 
Volunteers must be 15 and older and provide their own transportation. If younger than 15, must be accompanied by a guardian (whole families can volunteer). 
All volunteers working as "mentors" or otherwise working directly with children in the program will be subject to a background check.
Volunteers are needed in the following categories: 
Barn/Stall cleaning
Yard work 
*Horse Grooming/handling
and as Mentors*.
*Mentors and horse handlers will have special "training time" here at Hope Farm.

Volunteers are such a blessing to an organization like Hope Farm. Please feel free to share. I can be contacted via email at or by phone 507-456-0275. **located in Hope, Minnesota (just off of I-35)

Most volunteer activities will start in the spring, in the winter months, grooming, handling and barn cleaning is still needed and volunteer help is always welcome.

Hope Farm faith based Equine Assisted Learning and Horse Sanctuary (501(c)3 pending) 

November/December 2018
Yes, it is that time of year. Great opportunity to pause from some of this hectic pace that we sometimes set for ourselves and just reflect in the Lord's presence. To remember (lest we have forgotten) be kind to strangers and loved ones, to forgive those who have trespassed against us. Find something, everyday, to be thankful for and remember the reason we are celebrating in the first place: 
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.  John 3:16
This winter we are all so grateful to have been able to provide sanctuary for several horses and ponies...and thankful for the donations we have been receiving from generous souls who are believing in our mission.  God Bless all of you  and keep us in your prayers as we keep you in ours. 
October 2018
Volunteer Opportunity and Bonfire
When: Saturday November 10th, time 10 am to ? Where: Hope Farm, Hope MN
**Would you like to be part of the foundation of Hope Farm? How about volunteering? Saturday November 10th, anyone interested in coming out and helping at Hope Farm. We will be getting the place ready for winter and spring!  Some of the things we will be out the barn loft, loading up stuff (from the loft) into the horse trailer for a trip to the dump..or storing it elsewhere on the farm. Cleaning and organizing the barn itself.
Picking up fallen branches around the property and making a burn pile..burn will happen if the weather is cooperating, for a fun bonfire.
If we have enough volunteers, we'll also tackle the chicken coop, cleaning and shoring up the pen (the horses did a number on it)..
and of course we'll meet the horses.
Hot dogs, chips, drinks will be provided..starting at 10 am and going to....whenever. Please email or call 507-456-0275 if interested (please leave a message). 
************************************************FBEAP Certification!*************************************
I have to say, attending Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy/Grief seminar was absolutely wonderful. Being a horse person, I already knew the truths that horses bring to our lives.  The God given ability of a horse to interact with humans and teach us, if we listen, is amazing.  
But to see it in action, to be part of the FBEAP seminar was inspiring and life changing. Thanks to donations I was able to attend the weekend seminar by Elaine Davis. I met so many wonderful new people and learned even more how the Holy Spirit uses horses to speak Truth to our lives. 
In today's hectic rush rush lifestyle, when we push off grief with meaningless business, drugs, alcohol, what comes to mind is this:
Be still, and know that I am God  Psalms 46:10

Hope Farm 

News & Updates

September 2018
September is off to a full start! Appointments have been made with both an attorney and an accountant to get Hope Farm launched as a non-profit.  We are also laboring away in the barn loft so that it will be open to families next year. 
August 2018

Unbridled From Grief Seminar​

Thanks to generous donations, support and prayer, I will be attending this seminar in September.
The following is an excerpt from Unbridled
 Learn to partner with the Holy Spirit (our Unseen Facilitator) and horses to set people free from Grief of all kinds. This is applicable to recovery from all stages of loss, broken dreams, hope differed, divorce, unhealthy relationships,  job, and physical injury.  Only our living God can actually heal and set a broken heart free.  Only He can Unbridled those in bondage to the spirit of grief!
This is a gentle, kind, way to help people find peace, restoration...  The horses are the perfect partners to begin the road back to trust, hope, love, peace, and true joy!  God’s patterns of restoration are easy to see and understand by watching and understanding the movements of the wild horse herd.
Unbridled From Trauma Seminar
I plan on attending this seminar in October of 2018. Like grief, trauma can only truly be healed by our living God, Jesus Christ.  I am actively fundraising to pay for the tuition $795.00
 About the Trauma Seminar:
This is applicable to recovery from all kinds of abuse, human trafficking, deeply distressing or disturbing experiences, and physical injury.  Only our living God can actually heal and set a broken heart free.  Only He can Unbridled those in bondage!
I will also be working on obtaining my first certificate from PATH Intl (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International). This will be a year long process and ongoing recertification process. 
As my retirement years loom ahead of me, I have been called, not to rest, but to get busy doing the Lord's work, and being of even greater service to people and horses.  
                                                                  You can help get Hope Farm off the ground! 

                                                                         Federal 501(c)3 status pending
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Autumn 2022

Time sure does fly.  A lot of changes, mostly smaller ones around here. Getting ready for the flying snow, and getting things in order on our small farm, is still no small task. 

I am currently searching for a Rock Star gelding to fit into our program here. Must be well broke, good with kids brushing and hanging around it as well as be sound.  This will also be a trail partner. 

If you know of any prospects feel free to send me a message. Trying not to break the bank here, reasonably priced. 

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