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Our Residents

Here at Hope Farm, we provide a safe place and sanctuary for horses. Injury, abuse, neglect and retired, the Horses of Hope Farm all were in need, some in need of rescue and rehab others in need of a soft landing or safe retirement home. Each brings a unique perspective to their interactions with humans. Some are very friendly, others more reserved and take a "wait and see" approach to new people. Each of them has their own story to tell. 








Finnick is a black 16.2 hand Tennessee Walking Horse Started out as a show horse and somewhere along the line became an Amish buggy horse and after much hard work, he was rewarded with neglect, starvation and a one way ticket to the slaughter pens...


Nykkon was an up and coming young colt. He had the horse show world by the tail and the sky was the limit. Then "life" happened...


Archie's story is one of loneliness and neglect. Languishing in a small area, with no other horse companions other than a little dog, Archie spent the first 17 years of his life...alone.

Boaz  born ~1990's - June 8th, 2020

Rest in peace beautiful sweet Boaz.

Three different ranch brands attest to Boaz's life of work as a ranch horse. After many years of what I can assume was faithful service to his humans, Boaz was dumped into the slaughter pipeline.  Boaz came to Hope Farm and lived out the rest of his years, spoiled and safe, we will always miss him.

Boaz is buried at Hope Farm

Crysstal Echo aka "Cece" 1993-May 25th, 2020
Rest in peace beautiful girl. 
Cece was a chestnut colored purebred Arabian. She had a stellar career as a show horse producer and went on to produce many babies, but as she aged her situation was becoming precarious...she spent her retirement in well deserved peace and safety here at Hope Farm.
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