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Because Hope Farm is a permanent sanctuary for a resident herd of horses, our ability to physically bring rescue horses to Hope Farm is limited. However that does not mean we are indifferent nor unable to help horses in need. 


 Hope Farm offers transportation for rescued horses to nonprofit facilities and adoption homes within a 100 mile radius (as time and financing permits). Hope Farm will help other Equine Rescues in the retrieval, removal and transportation of the rescued and or at risk horse.


Hope Farm will endeavor to help horse homes out in times of need,short term, with hay and food, to keep the horses from becoming malnourished (as financing permits) and keep the horses from entering into a situation that requires rescue.


As space and financing allow, Hope Farm can take in a horse in need of rescue. Help rehabilitate and ultimately help facilitate adoption.

****Know of a case?****

Know of a horse that you think needs rescue, being neglected?

1. Are other horses in the pasture that are of good weight?

2. Can you see food/hay & water (this might not be evident if they are fed at certain times of the day)? 

3. Do the horses have shelter?

The best indicator to neglect is more than one horse in poor condition e.g. long hooves, ribs, hips and backbone prominent. Please do not trespass on private property, if you cannot tell for sure, call your local Sheriff's 

If your answer No to any of the above questions, contact your local Sheriffs office with your concerns. 

Steele County, MN 507-451-8232

Rice County, MN 507-332-6001 

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