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Hope Farm Sponsors

The below lists contains the names of people and companies that have supported us at Hope Farm. We thank everyone, and strive to be worthy of your donations and goodwill.  We thank our local business community for your support and encourage our supporters to patronize their services when you can

Corporate Sponsors


Mr & Mrs Jim Nickels
Tiffany Kriesher 
Faith Evers
Tom Edwards
Cheryl Snyder
Judy Simmons-Lupa
CJ Blodgett
Jan Taylor
Penny Clevenger
The Moore Family
(Dan, Lora, Jessie & Travis)
Patricia Lawler
George Brandtner
Katie Twaddle
Connie & Dave Talsoe
Matthew & Jill Hirn
Foundation Farm
Colette Watkins
The Baumans

Horse Sponsors

Lynai Torabpour-All
CJ Blodgett&Jan Ellen Calof -Cece
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