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Letter from Lynai Torabpour co-founder of Hope Farm.

Certified facilitator of Faith Base Equine Assisted Philosophy/Grief

The Beginning


Rescuing thrown away, abused, neglected horses and providing sanctuary for older or injured  horses is a passion of mine. I have found much healing for my soul while caring for the horses here at Hope Farm. 

As my retirement years loom ahead of me, I have been called, not to rest, but to get busy doing the Lord's work, and being of even greater service to people and horses. 

My entire life, if I was asked what I would do if money was no object, I always said I would open an equestrian center to help horses and people in need. 

The Lord knew this was my dream, to combine my love of horses with my ingrained desire to be of service to others. 

I'm not a millionaire. However, with a lot of help from the Lord, good will donations from supportive people and a lot of prayer, Hope Farm will open it's doors to people recovering from trauma and struggling with grief, the goal is Summer 2019.


I give all glory and credit to my savior Jesus Christ, who is the actual founder of our endeavors. While activity at Hope Farm often revolve or reflect the teaching of Christ, you do not have to be a Christian to experience the beauty and soul healing here at Hope Farm. We just ask that you keep an open mind. 


________________________________ The Lord calls upon us to be good stewards of the land and the animals that He blessed us with. Everyday, I thank God, for giving me the opportunity and the humble means to help these helpless creatures and through them, helping others.

I thank God everyday for giving me a loving and wonderful husband who supports me and my dreams. 

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