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Nykkon WLF

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Nykkon is a black purebred Arabian colt (ROL Intencyty x Nikko WLF/DA Valentino daughter)


Nykkon is sweet, kind and a bit of a love sponge.


Nykkon was just a two year old with a stellar show career ahead of him. Fame, glory, these were to be his inheritance in the Arabian show horse world and he was poised to claim his place in the spotlight.


Unfortunately, tragedy struck and Nykkon injured his spine and in the process ruined his future career as national level show horse and premier breeding stallion.  The owners and breeders of Nykkon were worried for his future, non riding and non titled stallions depreciate in value over time and often wind up, down the road, in the kill pen pipeline.

They couldn't keep him at their farm as a "pet"...they were considering the humane option of euthanasia for their beloved boy.

Instead they heard about what was happening at Hope Farm and asked Lynai if she would be interested in letting Nykkon come and live there. 

Having grown up riding and showing Arabians, Lynai did not hesitate and welcomed Nykkon to Hope Farm, summer of 2018.

Today Nykkon is not in any pain, but his rear legs do not work like they are supposed to, the best prognosis Nykkon received from multiple veterinarians was "guarded". It is hoped with rest, and prayers for healing, someday Nykkon may become a lead line horse for some of our small riders. But not to worry, Nykkon, like all horses, looks forward, not backward, he looks for what he can do in life, never looking at what is limiting him. Regardless of what he does or doesn't do, Nykkon is a  great ambassador for both Hope Farm and the Arabian breed.  Helping those dealing with trauma themselves.


We are forever thankful that the Gutes at West Lawn Farm reached out to Hope Farm and trusted us to do right by their precious boy. The bloodlines alone would have made him easy to sell, but they weren't willing to risk their prized boy ending up in a bad situation. So well done West Lawn Farms, truly a breeder of integrity.


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