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Hope Farm has a threefold mission: 

1. Using Christ's words, teaching and love to provide a spiritually uplifting place where children and adults, stuggling in life, have an opportunity to rest in the Lord's Presence and interact and learn with rescued horses. The Holy Spirit is our unseen facilitator.

2. Hope Farm provides sanctuary for a resident herd of abused, neglected, injured or retired horses. This resident herd will in turn provide educational opportunities and are our guides for children and adults. 

3. Hope Farm is also an Equine rescue and educational venue for the abused, neglected and unwanted horses. Hope Farm is available to take in (as financing and space allows) horses that have been neglected, abused and/or abandoned. Hope Farm is also available to help assist in relocating abused/neglected animals to other, safe locations. 

A happy child feeding a hungry and honor
Hope Farm
 A Sanctuary of Hope and Healing 
God’s Children 
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