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No doubt about it, caring for unwanted, injured and old horses is expensive. Unlike smaller animals, such as dogs and cats, horses must have certain types of facilities to care for them, you can't cram a horse in the the suburban backyard or inner city house. 

People who operate Equine Sanctuaries and Rescues open their barn doors and pastures for such unwanted large animals, but we cannot do it alone. We make appeals for donations, from the public and businesses, who want to help, but just don't have the space, time or funding alone.

Together, with donations, fundraisers etc, we provide sanctuary and rescue as many horses as we can financially can afford. We make this appeal to animal and horse lovers, to people who wish to help children and adults struggling with grief and trauma in their lives, to be able to experience the joy and peace working with rescue horses bring. 

Together we make a difference to one horse, one child, one person at a time. Together we are stronger and can do so much more than one person alone. 

Hope Farm llc (Federal 501(c)2 status pending) is a place of peace and hope, for broken down, abused and neglected horses as well as and Equine Assisted Learning center for children and adults struggling with trauma and grief in their lives. We are a small farm with a God driven mission. 

We understand your money is hard earned and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us for your donation dollars. 

Because our non profit status is pending, at this time donations are non tax deductable, so again, thank you for believing in our mission and helping us get started.

Don't have money but would like to help? VOLUNTEER! Please visit our volunteer page to learn more. 

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