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Hope Farm's Adult Program will offer faith based experiential opportunities for the Adult struggling with grief in their lives. 

Adults can expect to spend some soul healing time in the presence of our herd and the Lord. Connecting, watching and just being.

As well, we will partner one on one with individual horses and the Holy Spirit and spend time in His presence and working with the horses and our communication with them. 

We are not a riding instruction stables, most of our interaction with horses will be at ground level. 

We are not therapists. We invite those that wish to experience the majesty of God's creation, the horse. Horsemen and women know what horses bring to a life and how they are good for the soul...this is something people who know horses (not just own them, but know them) understand.

Horses don't care what you look like, heavy, thin, missing a limb, horses respond to the moment.

Horses are always honest. They do not look in the past nor the future, they react to what is happening in the moment. 

They teach us so much about dealing with pain and loss. Horses when they are frighten back away, or run to another area and get far away from the thing that is frightening them. 

When horses are in pain, they push through..they lean into that pain and try to go through knowing instinctively they can only stop what is happening by going through many of us try to run away from our pain instead of pushing into it and working our way through it?

The Lord says none of us walk alone.

Program costs: What ever donation you can afford. 

**Please note, while we are "Faith Based" our doors are open to all who have a desire to experience Hope Farm. We do not try to convert anyone. We wish to provide a safe and welcoming place for all people regarless of faith, no faith, orientation or race.

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