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Archie was born in the spring of 2000. He is believed to be a Welsh pony. 
As a weanling he was sold to a farm near Blue Earth and that is where he lived for 17 years. His only companion was a small dog. He was never haltered, trained, vetted or allowed out of the small space he was confined in. His hooves were never trimmed. He never saw another horse!
In November, 2017, he was rescued by the Moore family (Dan, Lora, Jessie and Travis) and moved to their facility. He was promplty vetted, and began the long process of getting his hooves rehabilitated. His training started immediately. 
Jessie, (10 years old) did the majority of the training, and Archie proved to be a challenging, yet rewarding, project. They both learned so much!  Archie now stands tied, is quiet for the farrier, vet and saddling.
Archie loves to be groomed and loved on. He rides at a walk, trot and canter (with some convincing), has a good who and back-up, rides confidently through obstacles, loads in the trailer and is doing all the things a well trained pony should.
Best of all, Archie now has horse friends. Horses are herd animals and for their mental and physical health they should have at least one companion. 
The Moore family were looking for a safe and lasting home for Archie. Knowing, most ponies end up getting outgrown by their children and shuffled to multiple homes throughout their lives..the standard of care can vary between homes.
The Moore family decided to bless Hope Farm by gifting Archie to the farm, and ultimately to all the children who will come here and love him. Archie is safe, at the farm, he will never be outgrown, he will always be just the right size. 

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Federal 501(c)3 status is pending, donations at this time are not tax deductible. We thank you for considering us and the work we are aspiring to do. 

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