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Hope Farm's Senior Program will offer faith based experiential opportunities for the Senior Citizens age 65 or older, to come out and spend time on the farm. This can be done as a group or individual.

This is a very relaxed "non-program" just a peaceful place to re-group and reconnect with horses. Many seniors grew up with horses or farm animals, and this will give them an opportunity to revisit those experiences. 

Seniors coming as a group will be given a tour of our small hobby farm and introduced to each of the horses, with an opportunity to pet and meet them up close. Groups must be accompanied by staff from the living facility they reside. No more than 10 seniors at a time. 

Please note, chickens run at large here at Hope Farm, so please keep that in mind if you have a person with a phobia concerning birds. 

Program costs: Donations gladly and gratefully accepted. 

**Please note, while we are "Faith Based" our doors are open to all who have a desire to experience Hope Farm. We do not try to convert anyone. We wish to provide a safe and welcoming place for all people regarless of faith, no faith, orientation or race.

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