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Crysstal Echo

aka Cece

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By sponsoring a horse here at Hope Farm, you will be assisting with the care and upkeep involving that horse, such as veterinarian work, farrier work, treats etc. 

As well sponsoring horses help Hope Farm keep program fees donation based and allowing children from financially tight homes to attend for free.

A well, please note there can be more than one sponsor per horse. 

Sponsorship does not give the sponsor any rights to the horse in any form. However, sponsors are welcome to come out and visit the horse(s) they are sponsoring, please make an appointment.


Cece is a purebred Arabian mare (Ch Echo Magnifficoo+++ x Padron's Afterglow/Padron daughter)

She had a career as a premier broodmare, producing multiple national champions for her owners. 

Circumstances created a situation where her owner's were forced to disperse their herd and the worry for Cece was very real. As she ages out of her foal producing years, she could very well end up in a very dangerous predicament. Like many broodmares, she had no riding skills and not many people will take on a "pasture ornament" in the sunset of her life.  Cece has been pampered all her life by loving owners, this will continue at Hope Farm. 

 Cece has served people well her whole life and it is wonderful to see her out in the pasture. While we would love to be blessed with a foal from Cece and Nykkon  her value will never be tied to what she can produce. Cece has a permanent retirement home here, safe and secure. While Cece is not a "rescue" per se, she has been given retirement sanctuary here at Hope Farm.

How many people can identify with Cece?  Changes in life, getting older...yet, she has so much more to give..her value isn't tied to what she can "produce" her value is imparted by God Himself, she shines as his beacon, while she is cautious, she loves on her people and teaches us so much about aging and moving on to different chapters in our lives. 

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