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Sponsor Boaz

By sponsoring a horse here at Hope Farm, you will be assisting with the care and upkeep involving that horse, such as veterinarian work, farrier work, treats etc. 

As well sponsoring horses help Hope Farm keep program fees reasonable and allowing children from financially tight homes to attend for free.

A well, please note there can be more than one sponsor per horse. 

Sponsorship does not give the sponsor any rights to the horse in any form. However, sponsors are welcome to come out and visit the horse(s) they are sponsoring, please make an appointment.


Boaz was pulled from the Kill Pen lot in Cannon Falls, MN in March, 2018. He is around 18-20 years of age. He is an ex ranch horse with three different brands and most likely a Quarter Horse/Walker? cross. Boaz was a "work" horse, in every sense of the word.

One day, when he couldn't work as long and as hard as he once did, he was discarded, thrown out like a used up and broken down truck. People had failed Boaz and he found himself crammed into a slaughter truck, destined for an ugly end..his last form of usefulness to humans was going to be his life.

Thankfully, that was the week Lynai received a nudge/shove/push from the Holy Spirit and went seeking a horse in need of a home. It was love at first sight, even if he was older, hammer headed, wormy and thin..she saw his beauty in those old battle scars.


Boaz is very calm, sweet and is a stabilizing influence on some of our younger horse residents. Boaz is Lynai's trail riding partner as well, they take Dressage "inspired" lessons together. His gentle and calm ways, put her past fears to rest and she started to ride again after many years out of the saddle.

Boaz is a Quarter Horse cross with possibly Draft in there. He is a "flea bitten" (grey with specks of copper all over), about 15h, and now weighs in at approx 1150 pounds. He arrived at about 900 pounds.

Boaz loves life, nothing seems to phase him, he just goes with the flow. 

At his age, even though he has plenty of years ahead of him, horses like him often end up in the slaughter pipeline, destined to a horrible fate.

He is a priceless gift from God. He has an amazing talent to bring calmness with him, sure and steady. 

                           You can help!

                            Sponsor Boaz

Federal 501(c)3 status is pending, donations at this time are not tax deductible. We thank you for considering us and the work we are aspiring to do. 

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